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Italy Giving Free Rides To Reduce Drunk Driving

Do you think this is a measure we should introduce in Malta?


Italy is presently trialing a strategy aimed at countering drunk driving and diminishing the occurrence of fatal incidents among party enthusiasts. This pilot initiative provides taxi transportation to revelers as a proactive measure to tackle the issue. The project is currently being executed in six nightclubs situated across regions ranging from Puglia to Tuscany and Veneto, with its operation scheduled to continue until mid-September.

Individuals who exhibit conspicuous signs of excessive intoxication upon departing these clubs are subjected to an alcohol test. Should the test reveal a blood alcohol concentration surpassing the legal threshold, a taxi service will be promptly arranged to ensure their secure journey home. The funding for this endeavor is being facilitated by Matteo Salvini, Italy’s transport minister, deputy prime minister, and leader of the hard-Right League party. The concept of offering complimentary taxi rides has been met with favorable responses. A young man named Marco, who frequents a nightclub in the Veneto region near Jesolo, expressed his support for the notion.

Marco conveyed to Il Gazzettino newspaper, “I believe it’s a commendable idea considering the prevalence of accidents. People go out to dance and indulge in drinks. This experiment could potentially tackle the issue at its core.”