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Listening To Drake In Your Car Makes You A Better Driver

Time to turn up the music🎶



A recent study has found that listening to artists like Drake, Ariana Grande, Eminem, Billie Eilish, Beyoncé, and Harry Styles can make you a better driver!

Conducted by Autotrader, a study examined drivers’ hazard perception abilities while exposing them to the music of 20 top artists. The findings suggest that specific artists could contribute to improving driver safety.

The study’s hypothesis highlighted that “higher scores indicate greater levels of concentration, meaning the participants identified and reacted to hazards quicker when listening to that artist.”

Fans of Canadian rapper Drake scored notably high, achieving 59.5 out of 75 on their hazard perception assessments.

Followers of Grande and Eminem shared the second spot with scores of 58.5, while Eilish fans secured third place with a score of 57, showcasing their adeptness at defensive driving.

The popular Korean pop group BTS and The Weeknd tied for fourth place with scores of 56.5.

Beyoncé claimed fifth place with a score of 55.5, closely followed by the Foo Fighters at 55, securing the sixth spot.

Harry Styles ranked seventh with a score of 54.5, trailed by The 1975 with a score of 54.

Additionally, the study highlighted contrasting effects for listeners of two artists from different eras. Megan Thee Stallion, a contemporary hip-hop artist, and classical composer Johann Sebastian Bach scored 37.5 and 42.5, respectively, suggesting potential hazards associated with their music while driving.

The passing grade for the test was set at 44 out of 75.

Who do you listen to while driving?