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Dad Becomes World’s 1st Single Father Via Surrogacy

Dad World Single Father Surrogacy

  An Australian man has made history by becoming the first single father through surrogacy.     Shaun Resni, 45, welcomed his son Eli Michael into the world in March 2022.   Only altruistic, gestational surrogacy is permitted in Victoria, despite the fact that 100 infants are born to surrogates statewide each year. Additionally, parents […]

7 Activities Single People Should Do This Summer

Time to embrace the single life ✨   Here’s a list of 7 summer activities you can enjoy on your own whenever your besties are occupied this summer 😅 What other activities could you think of? 👇   #summer #singlelife #activities

73% Of People Want To Stay Single This Summer

It is officially summer, which means it’s the opposite of cuffing season! During this time, people shed their winter coats and perhaps even end their situationships! To start embracing the freedom of being single and enjoying summer.  According to a study conducted by Lovehoney, a sex shop, 73 percent of people want to remain single […]

Selena Gomez Hilariously Flirts With Football Players

Who says Selena Gomez’s flirting skills are anything less than perfect?     In a recent Tiktok, Selena hilariously documented her attempts to catch the attention of soccer players, aiming for a major win in her dating life.   From the sidelines, Selena confidently exclaims, “I’m single!” to the oblivious soccer players engrossed in their […]