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Palermo Airport Shuts Down Due To Huge Fire

Catastrophic fires in our neighbouring country 🔥



The hills surrounding Palermo are currently ablaze. The fires have spread to Capo Gallo, the promontory overlooking the picturesque village of Mondello and the hill of Pizzo Sella. Numerous homes have been evacuated as the flames approach a parking lot, filling the air with thick, unbreathable smoke. The Inserra district is also facing a serious threat from the fires, and there are concerns that the Cervello hospital might be at risk.

The extent of the fire has led to the closure of Falcone e Borsellino airport in Palermo until 11 a.m., resulting in the cancellation of eight flights. Passengers have been advised not to travel to the airport for safety reasons. The closure of highway A29 Palermo-Mazara del Vallo, which connects to the airport, and the suspension of railway connections with Palermo have isolated the airport for several hours. Although the highway junctions have since reopened, train services remain suspended.

The situation is also critical in Bellolampo, where the city dump is on fire, and one of the vats is releasing potentially toxic fumes. As a precautionary measure, the municipal emergency operations center has been established in Palermo. The Civil Protection, along with Canadair firefighting aircraft, has been tirelessly working to extinguish the flames, urging residents to stay indoors due to the risk of dioxin exposure. The firefighting operations have faced some communication challenges, including disruptions to the firefighters’ switchboards and the involvement of a helicopter in the efforts.