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Owner Angry At Pet-Sitter For Using Shock Collar

Dog owner Agnieszka Kuzma recently expressed her outrage after discovering that her beloved pet Hunter had been fitted with an electric collar while in the care of a dog sitter.



This incident has raised concerns about the use of these controversial devices, which have been banned in some countries and are subject to restrictions in others.


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According to Kuzma, she had never authorised the use of the collar, which was a Petrainer PET 853, marketed as an “anti-barking collar” for both small and large dogs. This collar has seven levels of electric pulse or sound and is activated by the vibration of the vocal cords from the dog’s bark. The first bark activates a short pulse, and if the dog continues to bark, the pulse length increases. The sensitivity of the collar can be adjusted.



Kuzma stated that, while her dog looked happy and healthy, she was shocked to find that the sitter had used this collar on her pet without her consent.


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This incident has highlighted the need for dog owners to be more vigilant when leaving their pets in the care of others, as well as the importance of laws to protect animals from such mistreatment.



Although it has been illegal to chain dogs since 2018, there is currently no law banning the use of electric collars. However, the use of these collars is highly controversial, with animal welfare advocates arguing that they can cause physical and psychological harm to dogs.