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Over 4.5 Million Passengers Used Malta Buses In February

Some positive numbers in public transport usage!


New figures show that over 4.5 million passengers travelled by bus in Malta during February 2023, resulting in an average of 159,000 passengers per day, up 9% from January 2023.


Of these passengers, over 2.9 million used the Tallinja Card, an increase of 56% from February 2022 and 27.5% from February 2019.


In February 2023, there were 145,000 unique Tallinja Card customers, a 46.2% increase from 2022 and a 19.4% increase from 2019.


Despite having three fewer days, February 2023 saw a 3.6% increase in Tallinja Card use compared to January 2023.

Additionally, registrations for the Tallinja Card increased by 103% compared to February 2019.