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Bella Hadid Regrets Getting Nose Job At 14 Years Old

Bella Hadid has expressed regret over getting a nose job when she was just 14 years old. Although the supermodel had previously denied undergoing any surgery, she recently admitted feeling compelled to have the rhinoplasty as a teenager.   Additionally, Hadid discussed how she often felt inferior to her younger sister Gigi, and that she […]

Bizarre Teletubbie Boots Now On Sale For €2500

Ever wanted bizarre bright green Teletubbies boots? Well, you’re in luck!   The new collaboration between Christian Cowan and Teletubbies has just dropped.   You can have these boots for the incredible price of €2500.   Tag someone who would wear them. “When deciding what our next collaboration would be, we were throwing around lots […]

South Park’s New Episode Is Written By ChatGPT

Could ChatGPT replace scriptwriters? The latest episode of South Park, titled “Deep Learning,” was penned by ChatGPT, the cutting-edge language model developed by OpenAI. This marks a significant milestone in the entertainment industry, demonstrating the potential of AI-generated content.   The episode, which premiered on March 15th, showcases ChatGPT’s impressive language capabilities, as it produced […]

Over 4.5 Million Passengers Used Malta Buses In February

Some positive numbers in public transport usage!   New figures show that over 4.5 million passengers travelled by bus in Malta during February 2023, resulting in an average of 159,000 passengers per day, up 9% from January 2023.   Of these passengers, over 2.9 million used the Tallinja Card, an increase of 56% from February […]

TikTok’s CEO Does Not Let His Children Use The App

The CEO of TikTok admits that he does not allow his own kids to use the app.   In a viral TikTok with currently around 19 million views, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew said his eight- and six-year-old kids do not have TikTok accounts because they are too young for it. This is due to […]