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New Bracelet Will Shock You If You Eat Too Much


Would you try it? 😮


In today’s era, we are surrounded by an array of advanced technologies, ranging from cutting-edge smartphones and laptops to immersive gaming consoles. However, in recent years, unconventional innovations have emerged, designed to monitor and impact our lifestyle choices.

Pavlok 2 retails at over £100. Credit: Instagram/@pavlok

This remarkable wearable gadget claims to be capable of addressing a wide range of undesirable behaviors. With a single charge, the device can deliver an impressive 150 zaps, ensuring a lasting battery life for several days.

Pavlok 2: A magic bracelet that triggers a shock if you reach for a "sin" |  City Magazine

It operates by administering electric shocks, which serve as a deterrent for various unhealthy habits. Whether it’s curbing excessive consumption of junk food, reducing the intake of sugary beverages, or addressing issues related to gambling, this sophisticated accessory can be customized to meet individual needs. By pairing a harmless electric shock with unwanted behaviors, the bracelet aims to facilitate behavioral change and promote healthier choices.


This innovative gadget presents a unique approach to self-improvement, harnessing technology to support individuals in their quest for positive transformation. While this may seem unconventional, its potential to modify behaviors and instill discipline marks a significant step forward in the realm of personal development.