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All The Tasty Deals You Can Get From Burger King

🍔 It’s Burger Day!🍔   We’ve teamed up with Burger King to bring you the tastiest deals in town! 🎉   Sink your teeth into mouthwatering Whoppers, crispy fries, and so much more. Don’t miss out on these delicious offers today! 🍟🔥  

Pizza Shop Offers Free Food To Homeless People

Pizza Shop Food Homeless

  We need more people like this!     Soon after opening in 2015, Jenny and Mike Stevens, owners of a Little Caesars restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota, began providing free pizza to the hungry and homeless.   Despite Mike’s struggle with cancer, they persisted in their work, joining forces in November 2016 with a […]

70% Of People Think Food Is Tastier In Summer

As the summer sun shines bright, there’s a delightful agreement among 70% of individuals that food simply tastes better during this season. It’s the time when flavours come alive and tantalise our taste buds with a burst of freshness! According to a recent survey conducted in New York, the majority of respondents agree that summertime […]

New Bracelet Will Shock You If You Eat Too Much


Would you try it? 😮   In today’s era, we are surrounded by an array of advanced technologies, ranging from cutting-edge smartphones and laptops to immersive gaming consoles. However, in recent years, unconventional innovations have emerged, designed to monitor and impact our lifestyle choices.   This remarkable wearable gadget claims to be capable of addressing […]

The Best Food Platters You Can Get From Smart Supermarket

Discover and indulge in the most delicious food platters you can order from Smart Supermarket!  🤤   From the mouthwatering Italian delicacies to the authentic Maltese delights, and the savoury assortment of meats, they’re sure to have your taste buds covered 🍽✨   Assemble your platter with a wide variety of ingredients to choose from; the […]