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160,000 Watched The First Episode Of Love Island Malta

The huge turnout for last night’s debut set a new record for the country.     Love Island Malta premiered to a record-breaking 160,000 viewers, exceeding the normal viewership of 65,000 for that time period, according to TVM. This astronomical number demonstrates the show’s enormous popularity.     An additional 16,000 viewers streamed the program […]

Mum Gives Birth To Baby Girl Whilst In Coma

After learning she had a brain tumor, a lady who felt “trapped within herself” was able to give birth while unconscious.     Essex resident Emma Taylor was in the last stages of her pregnancy when she was given a medically induced coma just before giving birth to her child last year, a remarkable six […]

Couple Win Legal Battle To Name Their Son Lucifer

A bold and controversial choice for their baby’s name initially faced rejection, but a couple has triumphed in the battle to embrace it.   Selecting the perfect name for their newborn is a significant undertaking for parents, and it becomes even more challenging when there’s disagreement over the chosen name.   Imagine that the registrar […]

Some Of Our Favourite Love Island Memes

Yesterday’s premier was definitely interesting 😆 Check out our favourite hilarious moments that have us hooked on this island romance rollercoaster!   Are you excited for tonight’s episode ?          

Maltese Dog Swimming In Delimara Gets 2M+ Views

A Spanish tourist took a video of her dog swimming in Delimara Bay and posted it on TikTok, saying it was one of the best moments of her vacation in Malta!   This video has been viewed by over 2.4 million people, even though it has only been posted on this platform for two days. […]