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Maltese Documentary By Filmmaker, Dery Sultana, Coming To Eden Cinemas

maltese documentary

‘WHO WOULD YOU TELL?’ will premiere on the 10th of March at Eden Cinemas!


maltese documentary


The Premiere will take place on Friday at 8:00PM, followed by an exclusive Q&A session with the director! Reception opens at 7:00PM with drinks served before screening.


Regular screening will take place from Saturday 11th March onwards.



Directed by Dery Sultana, the documentary follows the story of three siblings who go through hell after being separated from their parents in Malta and sent to Australia.



In October 1960, with the promise of a better future, three brothers from Malta were separated from their destitute family at a young age and sent to Tardun in Western Australia under the child migration scheme.


What was supposed to be a second chance turned into a lifetime of regret, pain, and missed opportunities that deeply affected their journey to adulthood.


Fifty years on, Raphael, Peter, and Manny reflect on their stolen childhood and how the sexual, emotional, and physical abuse they experienced shaped their entire life. Through interviews and archive materials, we will be transported back through their memories of abuse, homesickness, and severed family ties.


Their story unravels the historic failure of a scheme backed by two governments and the broken promises of the Catholic Organisation that received them.



The Cast


maltese documentary


Peter Ellul – The Hermit

Peter is the eldest of the Ellul brothers. He is the voice of the positive outcomes of the experience in Tardun. Although he has reservations towards ways the children were made to work under the Catholic Brothers, he still holds fond memories of the place. Peter doubts his brothers claims about the sexual abuse, creating a rift in the relationship between them.


Manny Ellul – The Fighter

Manny is the second eldest of the brothers. He is the voice of protest of all the wrongs that happened in Tardun. Claims that he was physically and sexually abused, albeit fighting it when he could. Manny represents the voice to those voiceless victims who are still coming to grips with what happened during their childhood in Tardun.



Raphael Ellul – The Agro.

The youngest of the brothers. Arrived in Australia at the tender age of 10. Raphael is the aggressive representation of the personified abuse. Abused sexually for a long period of his childhood, affecting his adulthood with it. Raphael rejects his brother’s accounts due to his aggressive personality to the extend that he never forgave his parents for sending him to Australia.


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