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Most Unique Football Pitch Found On Island In Norway

Unique Football Norway

  The famous Henningsvaer football field is located in the busy fishing community of the Lofoten islands in Norway.     It is one of the most recognizable football fields in the entire globe.   The majority of football enthusiasts have seen this incredible photo of Henningsvr’s neighborhood football field thanks to football websites and […]

Coldplay Pay Man’s Trip To See Them After He Bought The Wrong Ticket

Coldplay Man Ticket

  @fingaldinz bought tickets to a cinema screening of a Coldplay gig instead of the concert tickets by mistake and was extremely unhappy about it.     He explained everything after posting the whole story on Twitter.   Luckily for him, the band noticed and DM’d him on Twitter offering him free tickets, travel and […]

Fan Reselling Beyoncé’s Sunglasses For $20,000

Fan’s Beyoncé concert experience goes beyond imagination     While the majority of individuals would perceive attending a live Beyoncé concert as an unforgettable evening, for one fan, it transcended mere memory-making and became a truly transformative experience.   In addition to witnessing his beloved artist’s captivating performance in person, this concert attendee achieved the […]

6 Smells That Immediately Remind You Of Summer

Smells Remind You Summer

  Summer is just around the corner – and these iconic smells are everything we need to remind us of the best months of the year!     Check out the smells here:   The smell of BBQs     The smell of the sea     The smell of pools      The smell […]

Maltese Fathers We Love With Their Children

Maltese Fathers Children

  To celebrate Father’s Day, we decided to round up some of Malta’s most legendary fathers we know and love!   Check them out here:   Pierre Cordina     Ian Lang     Keith Demicoli      Gianluca Bezzina     Hermann Bonaci     Ben Camille    

Drinking Energy Drinks Can Help You Live To 100 Years

Energy Drinks

  According to scientists, more study is needed to determine whether energy drink consumption can extend life.     Taurine, an amino acid that occurs naturally, is an ingredient found in the majority of energy drinks.⁠ ⁠   Researchers have been testing the effects of taurine on mice and have discovered that it may actually lengthen […]

Woman Who Can’t Stop Farting Is Desperate For Help

Woman Farting Help

  A woman who couldn’t stop farting went to a chiropractor in the hopes that having her bones cracked might help.   Dr. Colón from the TLC program Crack Addicts got to work helping Brenda and found that the woman’s pelvis had internally rotated and was an inch higher on one side.     Brenda’s […]

Woman Trying To Lose 90Kg Dies During Fitness Camp

Woman Dies Fitness Camp

  After starting her journey to lose 90kg as quickly as possible, a young influencer passed away while participating in a fitness camp.     Cuihua, aged 21, died while attending a stay-in weight loss camp in Shaanxi, China.   In a post on social media, her family announced the devastating news of her passing.   […]

Our 7 Favourite Celebrity Dads And Their Kids

Father Dad Kids Celebrity

  Father’s Day is tomorrow – so we just had to share our top favourite celeb dads with their adorable kids.     Check out more here:   Ryan Reynolds     David  Beckham     JAY-Z     Prince Harry     Dwayne Johnson     Chris Hemsworth     Prince William    

Dog Sets Record For Holding 6 Tennis Balls In His Mouth

Dog Record Tennis Mouth

  Finley, the golden retriever from New York, has gained fame for his incredible ability to hold six tennis balls in his mouth at once.     He holds the Guinness World Record for “most tennis balls held in the mouth by a dog” thanks to this extraordinary gift.   On February 23, 2020, Finley officially […]

Temperatures To Hit 30•C In Malta Next Week

Get your sunscreen out!     According to a projection from the Meteorological Office, temperatures in Malta are expected to reach a high of 33°C by Wednesday.   With calm breezes and limited cloud cover, temperatures are predicted to steadily rise starting on Friday, reaching 29°C during the weekend and continuing to rise into next […]

Wild Boar Family Roams Around On Beach In Italy

Check out this amazing scene on the beach at San Fruttuoso!     A big ol’ wild boar and its cute little babies are having a blast, frolicking around without a care in the world. And guess what? They’re right there among all the beach-loving folks and tourists. It’s a delightful sight that’s sure to […]

Maltese Actress Is Starring In Netflix’s Black Mirror

A Maltese actress is making headlines!     According to the Maltese actress, Marama Corlett, who is playing a key role in the upcoming season of the popular Netflix series Black Mirror, the status of the globe has helped her prepare for her part in the dystopian science fiction scenario.   Marama Corlett expressed that […]

Miguel & Jamie Release Video For New Song ‘BAILA’

miguel samuel baila

The music video for Miguel & Jamie’s highly anticipated hit summer song is finally here and it did not disappoint! 🤩   Filled with colour, summer energy, and the cheeky Taryn and Eliza cameo, the visuals surely deliver that Maltese summery feel 🏖  

People Understand English More Than Maltese In Malta

According to a recently published skills survey in Malta, a higher proportion of individuals comprehend English compared to Maltese.       The survey, which examined language skills, revealed that 96% of respondents reported understanding English, while 90% indicated comprehension of Maltese. Additionally, 62% of participants stated they understand Italian.   Interestingly, individuals aged 25 […]