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Latest Updates On The Missing Titanic Submarine

Today, banging from inside the submarine was heard.



In the North Atlantic, an extensive search and rescue mission is currently underway following the disappearance of a submersible that was engaged in exploring the Titanic wreck on Sunday.


During its dive, the Titan sub, manned by a crew from the research vessel Polar Prince, lost contact approximately one hour and 45 minutes into the operation. Authorities involved in the search effort have estimated that the sub has less than 30 hours’ worth of oxygen remaining, indicating that supplies may deplete by approximately 10:00 GMT (06:00 EDT) on Thursday.


Recent developments include the detection of “underwater noises” in the search area by a Canadian aircraft. OceanGate, a tour firm, has stated that it is exploring all available options to ensure the safe return of the crew.


Various government agencies have joined forces in the ongoing rescue operation, and a commercial pipe-laying ship has arrived in the vicinity to provide assistance. David Mearns, a marine scientist and expedition leader closely involved in the operation, expressed hope that the ship possesses the necessary capabilities to reach depths of 3,800 meters, search for the submersible, and potentially recover it.


Tragically, Dawood, a man with a Maltese citizenship and his 19-year-old son Suleman were among the five individuals on board the Titan.