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Grandma Uses Life Savings To Tattoo Her Whole Body

Grandma Savings Tattoo

  56-year-old grandma Kerstin Tristan decided to spend all her money on colourful tattoos that cover her whole body.     She decided to ignore others’ opinions and got tattoos from head to toe.   She said that, before her first tattoo in 2015, Kerstin actually hated tattoos. However, she now has a variety of […]

Lizzo Designs Cheeky Butt Tattoo For Fan Mid-Concert

Lizzo definitely left her mark on this fan     During a recent concert, Lizzo paused her performance to assist a fan in designing a buttock tattoo, in response to a request made by an individual in the front row.   At a show held in Lexington, Kentucky last week (April 22), Lizzo temporarily stopped […]

Jenna Ortega Reacts To Bizarre ‘Wednesday’ Tattoo

bizarre wednesday tattoo

More like Wednesday L. Jackson 🤣   Last year, the release of Wednesday on Netflix captured the world’s attention. The show became a sensation, with everyone talking about it and even doing the TikTok dance.   Additionally, it sparked a resurgence of goth culture. However, the world was particularly amazed when a tattoo appeared on […]