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Teenagers Caught Jumping On Top Of Parked Cars

The adolescents appeared to be jumping on top of vehicles 😳   Images captured by a surveillance camera shared by Malta Dizastru Totali depict a gathering of teens leaping on various stationary cars. Currently, no details have been provided regarding the specific location.   #cars #vandalism

89.7 Bay Trophy To Take Place Between St. Andrew’s FC, Marsa FC & Nadur YS FC

Save the date! Saturday, August 19th, starting at 6:00 PM at 📍LUXOL STADIUM 🗓️, St. Andrew’s FC, Marsa FC, and Nadur YS FC will be playing for 89.7 Bay Trophy as a friendly tournament! In addition to complying with MFA and UEFA regulations, the following rules will be in effect as part of the Tournament […]

Italy Giving Free Rides To Reduce Drunk Driving

Do you think this is a measure we should introduce in Malta?   Italy is presently trialing a strategy aimed at countering drunk driving and diminishing the occurrence of fatal incidents among party enthusiasts. This pilot initiative provides taxi transportation to revelers as a proactive measure to tackle the issue. The project is currently being […]

UNO Looking for Test Players To Get Paid €4K+ A Week

UNO’s enterprise is on the lookout for a ‘Chief UNO Player’, offering an attractive four-figure weekly compensation for the role‼️😲   This position of ‘Chief UNO Player’ has been established to evaluate the latest rendition of the game from Mattel – UNO Quatro family. As described on the toy manufacturer’s official site, the game presents […]

Mr. Beast Charged $100M Over Contract Breach

Mr. Beast has landed himself a massive lawsuit.. Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast, finds himself embroiled in a legal battle as Virtual Dining Concepts, the entity behind his virtual restaurant chain, MrBeast Burger, files a lawsuit against him.   Virtual Dining Concepts and Celebrity Virtual Dining (VDC) have brought a legal action against the YouTuber […]

Iconic Cha Cha Slide Creator Passes Away At 58 Years

DJ Casper, known by his birth name Willie Perry Jr., has passed away at the age of 58 after battling cancer, as confirmed by his family.     Famed for creating the iconic dance anthem ‘Cha Cha Slide,’ Perry’s musical legacy resonates with countless individuals who’ve enthusiastically danced to the tune at various occasions, from […]