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German WW2 Fighter Plane Found In Excavation Works

A German World War 2 fighter aircraft was uncovered today during excavation works at St. Vincent De Paul.

The aircraft found was a Messerschmitt Bf 109, it is understood that the fighter plane was flown by Unteroffizier Hans Pilz of 5.JG3. From the wreckage, it was determined that the aircraft had been shot down by flak (anti-aircraft artillery) during a combat sortie on April 1 of 1942.

“Loose rubble was cleared by hand off the wing surface. Once securely lashed at one of the attaching points, the wing was lifted to ground level from about two metres underground. Once the wing was lifted it was apparent that more of this aircraft was buried. The fuselage was still there although chopped up in three sections. Obviously, this was done for ease of disposing,” the Museum said. –  MaltaToday

“With paint markings and ‘W.Nr 8668’ still very clearly visible, it was no great feat to figure the history of this Erla-built Messerschmitt Bf109 F4Z: the history of the crash in a nutshell is that it was hit by flak during a sortie on the 1 April 1942 while being flown by Unteroffizier Hans Pilz of 5.JG3.” –  MaltaToday