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You Can Now Live On A Cruise Ship For $30k A Year

 A year long holiday sounds amazing!       Bookings are now open for a one to three-year voyage on the MV Gemini by Life at Sea Cruises, departing from Istanbul on November 1, 2023.   The trip includes visits to 375 ports across 135 countries and all seven continents, covering over 130,000 miles.   […]

WATCH: 8 Iconic Maltese TV Show Theme Songs

Iconic Maltese TV Theme Songs

  If you miss these Maltese TV shows as much as we do, we’ll help you remember them with their iconic theme songs!     Check out these theme songs from our 8 favourite local TV shows:                   Do you remember any of these shows?  

Women Will Be Allowed To Swim Topless In Berlin

women topless swimming

  An interesting new law in Berlin 😳     The authorities in Berlin have issued a new rule allowing women to swim without a top on in public pools. This decision was made in response to legal action taken by a woman who had been kicked out from an open-air pool for sunbathing topless.  […]

Malta Ranks Outside Top 50 In Global IQ Rating

Malta is ranked 51st globally out of 199 countries on the national IQ scale.     The results show that the average IQ of 535,064 Maltese is around 91.27 following a study from 2019     Japan, Taiwan and Singapore rank at the top with the highest IQs, 106.48, 106.47, 105.89 respectively   The study […]

Pedro Pascal Is Officially The Most Popular Celebrity

Between The Last of Us and the upcoming season of The Mandalorian, Pedro Pascal will be ruling the tv landscape for some time to come. He has become the most well-liked celebrity according to IMDB’s Top Star Meter. But this isn’t his first time in a popular series. Pascal made an appearance in the popular […]

German WW2 Fighter Plane Found In Excavation Works

A German World War 2 fighter aircraft was uncovered today during excavation works at St. Vincent De Paul.   The aircraft found was a Messerschmitt Bf 109, it is understood that the fighter plane was flown by Unteroffizier Hans Pilz of 5.JG3. From the wreckage, it was determined that the aircraft had been shot down […]

Over 2,500 People Apply To Join The Malta Film Commission

malta film commission

  Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech expressed his delight at the surge in individuals seeking to pursue a career in the film industry during a Q&A session attended by numerous aspiring film crew members eager to learn about opportunities in Malta’s film sector.     As the film industry experiences constant growth, Grech emphasised the […]

Lesa Officers Help Woman In Wheelchair Get Home

A heart warming scene!       A woman using a wheelchair was experiencing difficulty entering her home, and officials from the Local Enforcement System Agency (LESA) provided assistance. On a Thursday, two LESA officials deviated from their usual duties to perform a community service. One of the officials, Darren Mame, shared some pictures of […]

STUDY FINDS: Money Does Buy Happiness For Most People

money buys happiness

  Do you think this is true? 👀     According to a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on March 1, for most people, money can indeed buy happiness  💸   In 2010, Kahneman and Angus Deaton found that happiness increased steadily with income up to a certain […]

Elon Musk Builds Town For Employees

Introducing Mayor Musk   The 51-year-old CEO of Twitter just acquired a 3,500-acre plot of land approximately 35 miles outside of Austin, Texas, and plans to build his own town there.    Musk stated that he hopes to make the area into a “sort of Texas utopia along the Colorado River.” The plot, which is […]

Mean Girls Actress Lacey Chabert Is In Malta!

There is a 100% chance that you will fangirl over this!   Mean Girls actress Lacey Chabert is in Malta, and dined at a restaurant in Valletta yesterday. The restaurant owners posed for a photo with the actress as they fawned over being starstruck by her, at their restaurant Elephant Shoe. That’s so fetch!