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First Person With Cerebral Palsy Finishes Marathon

Alex Roca, a 32-year-old athlete who has a physical disability due to cerebral palsy of 76%, recently made history by becoming the first person with this condition to complete a marathon.


Roca, who is an ambassador for the FC Barcelona Foundation and the only Nike athlete in the world with cerebral palsy, contracted herpetic viral encephalitis at the age of six months, which led to his disability.


Despite this, the Catalan decided to prepare for and run a marathon to raise awareness and encourage others. On Sunday, he achieved his goal by finishing the Barcelona Marathon in 5:50:51, fulfilling his lifelong dream.


In an interview with Spanish media outlet ‘El Mundo’, Roca emphasized that ‘The limit is up to you, and if you want to achieve an objective, whatever difficulties you have, with attitude, willpower, perseverance and resilience, you can achieve everything you propose. And if you do not achieve it, you will have given everything and must feel gratified.’

See the touching video here: