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Fran Curmi Wins First Two Round Of Tennis Tournament W25 Palmanova

The Maltese tennis star has done it again!  Francesca Curmi, a 20-year-old tennis player from Malta, has recently made headlines by winning the first two rounds in the W25 Palmanova tournament. She has won against two players who are ranked in the 9th and 200th place from Germany.   This is a significant achievement for […]

Bad Bunny’s Ex Suing Him For Using Her Voice In Songs

bad bunny sued

  Looks like Bad Bunny’s been very bad 😯     Bad Bunny, the popular pop superstar, is facing a $40m lawsuit from his ex-girlfriend, who alleges that he used a recording of her without her permission in two of his songs.     Carliz De La Cruz Hernández claims that she recorded the phrase […]

Humans Expected To Become Immortal In 8 YEars

An expert on the future has suggested that human beings could achieve immortality within the next eight years.   However, predicting future events involves a lot of guesswork, and even those who make a living through gambling are only right a fraction of the time.   Nevertheless, the expert in question, Ray Kurzweil, has made […]

New Giant Spider Discovered In Australia

Scientists have discovered a new and uncommon species of colossal trapdoor spider in Australia.   The remarkable arachnid is so enormous that it has been dubbed “Euoplos dignitas” – which translates to dignity or greatness in Latin – to reflect its impressive size.   Female spiders, which tend to be larger than males, can reach […]

Uganda New Law Imposes Death Penalty On LGBTQ+

According to BBC News, only two out of 389 legislators voted against the anti-homosexuality bill, which criminalizes homosexuality and punishes those caught in a sexual act with death.   The legislation also criminalizes the promotion and funding of same-sex activities.   Lawmakers argue that the bill is in line with the religious views and beliefs […]

Billie Eilish Earns Praise For Trusting Fans at Concert

Billie Eilish’s interactions with fans at her concerts are receiving a lot of positive feedback. The 21-year-old Grammy-winning artist is providing an intimate and personal experience for fans during her ongoing Happier Than Ever world tour.   One fan who attended one of Eilish’s three shows in Auckland, New Zealand last year shared a TikTok […]

Hasbulla Throws Hands At Mike Tyson During Podcast

Hasbulla, a popular social media personality known for his humorous and entertaining videos, was a guest on Mike Tyson’s podcast called “Hotboxin”. During the show, Tyson and Hasbulla engaged in conversation and exchanged banter.   At one point, the two of them decided to face off against each other in a playful manner.   The […]

First Person With Cerebral Palsy Finishes Marathon

Alex Roca, a 32-year-old athlete who has a physical disability due to cerebral palsy of 76%, recently made history by becoming the first person with this condition to complete a marathon.   Roca, who is an ambassador for the FC Barcelona Foundation and the only Nike athlete in the world with cerebral palsy, contracted herpetic […]