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Father Of 550 Children Gets Banned From Having More

Musician by day, father of nations by night 😳




A legal case emerged when a man found himself in court for the role he played in fathering an astonishing number of over 500 children, sparking concerns about potential incestuous complications.

Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a 42-year-old Dutch musician, persisted in his actions despite mounting worries regarding the well-being and safety of the children he had fathered and their respective mothers.

His involvement in this endeavor began back in 2007, employing various methods that included joining Facebook groups designed for individuals grappling with fertility issues. Notably, Meijer’s contributions did not involve the conventional reproductive process; instead, he acted as a sperm donor.

Remarkably, he not only registered at 11 different clinics as a sperm donor but also became affiliated with the Cyros sperm bank.

The Donorkind Foundation, an organization dedicated to supporting donor-conceived children, took legal action against Meijer, leading to a court ruling that prohibited him from further sperm donation in April.

In the Netherlands, there exists a legal limit of 25 children who can be conceived using one donor’s sperm. This restriction aims to prevent potential incestuous scenarios where unknowingly related individuals conceived by the same donor might form relationships, and it also seeks to minimize psychological trauma for donor-conceived children. Ties van der Meer, the chair of the Donorkind Foundation, stated that their pursuit of the case was driven by the goal of preventing Meijer’s sperm from contributing to any more pregnancies.

It is believed that Meijer, who currently resides in Kenya, may have fathered an astonishing 500 to 600 children through his involvement with 13 different clinics across the globe. Van der Meer emphasized that the organization’s actions were prompted by a lack of government intervention, and Meijer’s global reach through the internet and dealings with international sperm banks further underscored the need for such measures.