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89.7 Bay Is Officially Malta’s Number 1 Radio Station

89.7 Bay has been officially crowned as Malta’s Number 1 Radio Station, according to figures published by the Broadcasting Authority.   With a staggering daily audience of over 40,000 devoted listeners, Bay is continually expanding its reach and remains the top choice among individuals aged 12 to 40.       Additionally, Bay Breakfast with […]

Father Of 550 Children Gets Banned From Having More

Musician by day, father of nations by night 😳       A legal case emerged when a man found himself in court for the role he played in fathering an astonishing number of over 500 children, sparking concerns about potential incestuous complications. Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a 42-year-old Dutch musician, persisted in his actions despite […]

Study Finds The Perfect Age Gap For A Relationship Is 1 Year

Experts have unveiled surprising findings regarding the optimal age gap for a lasting relationship😯     Contrary to common beliefs, the age difference between partners can significantly influence the longevity of their relationship. Dating someone considerably older or younger often raises eyebrows, but for some individuals, venturing beyond their age group has led to discovering […]

Anon Doner Sponsors Jake’s Dad’s Birthday In Hospital

An anonymous benefactor made the heartwarming decision to support local sports ambassador Jake Vella’s father, Josie, in marking his 50th birthday 🤩👏   This generous gesture allowed the Vella family to come together for the celebration at Mater Dei Hospital.   Josie celebrated his 50th birthday recently, but he and his wife Maruska have been […]