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Man Adopts Partner’s 6 Kids To Be Their Father

What a wholesome story💖       After falling head over heels in love and tying the knot with a single mother named Lexy, Tony Thomas made the heartwarming decision to expand his family. Having first connected with Lexy on Christian Mingle, Tony was resolute in his mission to offer these children the love and […]

Father Of 550 Children Gets Banned From Having More

Musician by day, father of nations by night 😳       A legal case emerged when a man found himself in court for the role he played in fathering an astonishing number of over 500 children, sparking concerns about potential incestuous complications. Jonathan Jacob Meijer, a 42-year-old Dutch musician, persisted in his actions despite […]

Study Finds Shouting At Children Is As Harmful As Physical Abuse

Getting shouted at as a child may have done more harm than you thought 😳   A recent study, published in the journal Child Abuse & Neglect after reviewing 166 earlier studies, reveals that shouting at children can be as detrimental as sexual and physical abuse. The research, offering an in-depth analysis, suggests that this […]

8 Local Personalities We Love As Parents

Local Personalities Children

  It’s World Parents’ Day today – so here are some local faces you surely recognize with their adorable children!     Two Papas Malta     Nate   Angie Laus     The New Victorians     Ira Losco     Ben Camille     Gianluca Bezzina     Eileen Montesin  

Hospital Window Cleaners Dress Up As Superheroes To Cheer Up Children

Hospital Window Cleaners Superheroes Children

  Faith in humanity restored!     Every year, window cleaners dress up as popular superheroes aiming to cheer up the spirits of the children at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.     During this annual event, window cleaners dress up as superheroes like Batman, Superman, Spiderman and Captain America, and interact with the young […]

Dad Buys Ice-Cream Van So His Children With Down Syndrome Can Have Jobs

Dad Ice-Cream Van Children Down Syndrome

  A father in Ohio bought an ice cream truck for his two adult Down syndrome children, and the two have made a success of it.     Joel, a retired science teacher, spent $6,600 on an outdated ice cream truck in order to provide Mary and Josh with employment.   The food truck, called Special […]

Maltese Fathers We Love With Their Children

Maltese Fathers Children

  To celebrate Father’s Day, we decided to round up some of Malta’s most legendary fathers we know and love!   Check them out here:   Pierre Cordina     Ian Lang     Keith Demicoli      Gianluca Bezzina     Hermann Bonaci     Ben Camille