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Dua Lipa Releasing New Song For Barbie Movie


The queen is back 🤩



Pop sensation Dua Lipa took to social media to give fans a sneak peek of her highly anticipated new single from the upcoming Barbie movie soundtrack.



In a short video shared online, Lipa recreated a memorable moment from the Barbie trailer, captivating viewers as she kicked off her heels and playfully blew a kiss directly into the camera. Accompanying the video was a tantalizing preview of her disco-infused track, featuring the catchy lyrics, “Just come along for the ride.”


The visual snippet concluded with a striking black screen, adorned with Lipa’s name in the iconic Barbie font. The revelation of the track’s title, ‘Dance The Night,’ left fans buzzing with excitement. The video also confirmed the long-awaited release date: this Friday.