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Dress Made From Country Flags Where LGBT+ Is Illegal

A dress featuring the national flags of every country where the law punishes LGBTIQ+ members has stolen the spotlight at Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta.

On display as part of EuroPride 2023 celebrations, The Amsterdam Dress is the artistic culmination of flags from 67 countries where being part of the community is illegal and can lead to imprisonment, torture or capital punishment.

Michela Buhagiar wearing the Amsterdam Dress in Valletta. Photo: Lindsey Bahia

Taking up the majority of its exhibition space at the centre of the gallery, the dress originally started with over 80 flags but has slowly shrunk that number as countries introduce equal rights. Once a country changes their laws, dressmakers from the Amsterdam Rainbow Dress Foundation take out the fabric and replace it with a rainbow flag, such as they have done with countries like Singapore and Botswana.

Currently, the dress features 67 national flags, 10 rainbow flags and four Amsterdam city flags that make up the bodice.