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Wife Says Breastfeeding Her Husband Helps Them Bond

Wife Breastfeeding Husband

  Rachel Bailey confessed that she breastfeeds her husband Alexander which made their marriage even stronger.     They started this habit back in 2016 while they were away on cruise and she forgot her breast pump at home.   Rachel was badly engorged for two days and was scared about getting an infection. Therefore, […]

5Y/O Uses Alexa To Buy A Jacuzzi & Spend £1K In Toys

Dad Son Jacuzzi Toys

  This dad was left shocked after finding out his 5-year-old son used Alexa to order a hot tub and nearly £1,000 worth of toys.   TikToker Tucker Bohman shared this story online and said that since the device was hooked up with his account, his son could add and order anything he wanted.   […]

Man Finds 82-Foot-Long Dinosaur In His Backyard

Man Dinosaur Backyard

  The greatest discovery in Europe may have been made by a Portuguese guy who found an 82-foot-long dinosaur skeleton in his property.     The sauropod specimen, from between 160 and 100 million years ago, was discovered in Pombal in 2017 during construction. It has ribs that are nearly 10 feet long and is […]

Women Who Sleep With Their Dogs Have Better Rest

Women Sleep Dogs

  According to research by Canisius College in New York State, women who sleep with dogs get more sleep than those who sleep with cats or human partners.     A survey of almost 1,000 US women revealed that having dogs in bed reduced distractions and increased feelings of security and comfort.   “We found […]

Grandma Uses Life Savings To Tattoo Her Whole Body

Grandma Savings Tattoo

  56-year-old grandma Kerstin Tristan decided to spend all her money on colourful tattoos that cover her whole body.     She decided to ignore others’ opinions and got tattoos from head to toe.   She said that, before her first tattoo in 2015, Kerstin actually hated tattoos. However, she now has a variety of […]

Cocaine To Surpass Oil As Colombia’s Biggest Export

As per Bloomberg Economics, Colombia is on track for cocaine to surpass oil as its primary export.     The Colombian government has adopted a more permissive stance on drug-related policies, leading to an expansion in drug production. In 2022, according to Bloomberg Economics, exports were valued at approximately $18.2 billion. Meanwhile, oil exports experienced […]

Eurovision Night Tonight At Pjazza Tritoni

Get ready for the ultimate Eurovision extravaganza at EuroPride Valletta 2023!       On the 15th of September, attendees will have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable night of music, glitz, and fabulous performances at the Pride village.   The event, aptly named “Eurovision Night,” promises to immerse the audience in the world of […]

Dress Made From Country Flags Where LGBT+ Is Illegal

A dress featuring the national flags of every country where the law punishes LGBTIQ+ members has stolen the spotlight at Spazju Kreattiv in Valletta. On display as part of EuroPride 2023 celebrations, The Amsterdam Dress is the artistic culmination of flags from 67 countries where being part of the community is illegal and can lead […]

Shaun Farrugia Working In Studio With The Script

Calling all The Script fans! Shaun Farrugia recently shared a series of updates on social media, including a swipe post featuring a brief, silent video of him inside a recording studio alongside the renowned Irish rock band ‘The Script.’ The Maltese singer and songwriter captioned the post, ‘From sharing smiles, collaborating with incredible talent, hitting […]