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The Average Man Produces 500 Billion Sperm In His Life

The reproductive capabilities of the human male are truly remarkable.     It is estimated that an average human male produces around 500 billion sperm cells throughout his lifetime. What’s even more astonishing is that each of these sperm cells carries a unique set of genetic information.   The process of sperm production, known as […]

Sam Smith Stops Show After 4 Songs Due To Voice Issues

Fans of Sam Smith were left perplexed when the singer abruptly cancelled their concert after performing only four songs.     The 31-year-old Grammy award winner was originally scheduled to entertain the crowd at the AO Arena in Manchester, England on Wednesday (May 24).   However, during the show, an unexpected twist unfolded after Smith […]

Dogs Often Have Dreams About Their Owners

Harvard psychologists found that dogs typically dream about their owners while they are asleep. 😴❤️     According to the study, dogs dream similarly to people in that they frequently reflect their waking lives in their dreams. Naturally, a dog’s owner is a big part of that daily experience and would appear frequently in dreams […]

You Can Get Paid €1,000 To Watch TikTok Videos

Might as well get some money out of spending too much time on this app. The influencer marketing company Ubiquitous is offering $1,000 to three people who can watch TikTok for 10 hours and discover emerging trends on the platform.   The successful applicants will be required to share their findings in social media posts […]

Hundreds Of Jellyfish Swarm San Tumas Bay

Think twice if you want to go swimming now!   Although it hasn’t been confirmed, the jellyfish appears to be a mauve stinger, which is the most prevalent jellyfish species in the northern Atlantic and the Mediterranean.   The precise time of the resurfacing event changes every year and is influenced by a number of […]

FoodBlog’s Andrew Finds Car Crushed By Rocks

Andrew Johnson, from the popular foodie page FoodBlog, recently experienced a distressing incident involving his car in Valletta.     While his vehicle was parked, a piece of a balcony unexpectedly fell onto it, resulting in significant damage.   Seeking to raise awareness about the incident, Johnson shared photos on his Instagram account, expressing his […]

7 Things To Look Forward To In Malta This Summer

Summer is approaching, and Malta offers a diverse array of experiences that promise to make this summer an unforgettable one!   Here are some things you can look forward to for this Summer:                                             […]

Dominic From Liquorish Directs Traffic In Qormi

Dominic Giannakoudakis, a competitor on Liquorish, recently posted on Facebook about how frustrating it was to drive during rush hour in Santa Venera/Qormi.     He asked why no one was sent by the government to control the traffic while posting a video of himself guiding cars. Although he was aware of the frequent traffic […]

Kacey’s Family Collecting Donations For Puttinu

Remembering Kacey: Supporting Grieving Families and Saving Lives ❤️🥀 In memory of Kacey, Marylyn and Bernice Mizzi, along with other family members, have embarked on a mission to honour her memory and provide support to grieving families who face similar heartbreak.   With this in mind, they have partnered with Puttinu Cares, an incredible organization […]