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Car That Drives On Water Introduced In Gozo

From the road to the sea 👋


The compact and vivid car cruising down the steep road towards the stunning Mġarr ix-Xini bay is a sight that’s hard to overlook. Yet, the real head-turner comes when it gracefully glides down the slipway and directly into the sea. Mark Zarb Cousin, one of the owners, shared, “This marks the introduction of Malta and Gozo’s inaugural amphibious SUV. We brought it here to offer people the unique experience of traveling in a vehicle that seamlessly transitions between land and sea.”

The concept was initially conceived by Joel Hili, a resident of Gozo, who reminisced about the countless hours spent on his friend’s boat fishing, sparking the idea of having a vehicle versatile enough for both land and aquatic adventures. After an unsuccessful local search for such a vehicle, Hili, Zarb Cousin, and the third co-owner, Joe Bridge, expanded their search abroad.

The vehicle, a bespoke creation, incorporates Suzuki Jimny components, with its lower sections now crafted from fiberglass and equipped with a water jet-propulsion mechanism. It also features a built-in pump to expel any water that enters the vehicle. This remarkable innovation arrived in Malta last year.

Story via Times of Malta