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Woman Late For Work As 600Kg Seal Blocks Car

  Neil the Seal has caused a disturbance🦭     A woman from southern Tasmania woke up to a 600-kilogram seal in her front yard. The seal, affectionately called  Neil the Seal by locals, has gained quite a following online in recent years. Neil is notorious for making appearances on Hobart beaches, soaking up the […]

12 Y/O Millionaire Buys Car Costing More Than €200K

12 Millionaire Car

  We’re jealous!   Young millionaire Pixie Curtis recently purchased a brand-new car for herself.     Since moving to Singapore last week, the 12-year-old started looking for a new vehicle.   Pixie, who is already a billionaire from the business she and her mother founded, uploaded a picture of herself inspecting a new car […]

Car That Drives On Water Introduced In Gozo

From the road to the sea 👋   The compact and vivid car cruising down the steep road towards the stunning Mġarr ix-Xini bay is a sight that’s hard to overlook. Yet, the real head-turner comes when it gracefully glides down the slipway and directly into the sea. Mark Zarb Cousin, one of the owners, […]

Father Killed By Car When Helping Ducks Cross Road

Father Car Ducks Cross

  After bravely helping a family of ducks cross a busy California freeway, a dad was killed by a car.     In Rocklin, California, on Friday night, Casey Rivara, 41 and father of 2, parked his car by the side of the road and guided a mother duck and her ducklings across the intersection of Park […]

Mr.Beast Tips Waitress A Brand New Car

In a generous gesture, Mr.Beast surprised a waitress by tipping her with a brand-new car!   When the YouTuber asked her about the largest tip she had ever received, which was $50, he decided to go above and beyond. Mr.Beast then asked if anyone had ever tipped a car before and proceeded to hand over […]