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Busker Benny Goes Viral For Singing Malayalam Song

Benny Grima, Valletta’s very own busker has become an internet sensation in just a few days! 

In a reel shared by @vishnuak_47 where Benny is singing in Malayalam, one of India’s classical languages flawlessly. 

Within just five days, the video has already amassed a staggering 620K views and 77K likes!  Fans can’t help but applaud Benny’s performance. This isn’t Benny’s first-time making headlines for singing in languages other than Maltese and English. 

Benny’s genuine love for music and desire to bring joy to others is evident in his constant presence on Valletta’s Republic Street. Despite misconceptions about his motives, Benny once revealed, “I only want to make people happy.” And make people happy he does, as his latest viral video spreads smiles thousands of kilometers away. 

Let us celebrate Benny Grima’s incredible talent, his dedication to uniting people through melodies, and the way he reminds us that music knows no boundaries. Benny’s enchanting performances are a testament to the power of music to transcend language and connect us all on a deeper level.