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Bad Bunny Is Set To Present The 2024 Oscars

From the stage to the screen 🤩

Bad Bunny is not only in the midst of his Most Wanted Tour but is also slated to present at the 2024 Oscars next month. On February 29, 2024, it was announced by the Academy Awards that the renowned Puerto Rican artist will be among this year’s presenters, alongside notable Latine figures such as Rita Moreno and Lupita Nyong’o.

The upcoming Oscars ceremony is set to be a significant event for the Latine community. Just a day before the announcement (February 28), Becky G revealed her scheduled performance at the esteemed film awards. The song “The Fire Inside” by the Mexican-American actress, penned by Diane Warren, has been nominated for Best Original Song. She will be performing alongside other artists like Billie Eilish, who will present “What Was I Made For?” and Ryan Gosling, set to perform “I’m Just Ken.”