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Anon Doner Sponsors Jake’s Dad’s Birthday In Hospital

An anonymous benefactor made the heartwarming decision to support local sports ambassador Jake Vella’s father, Josie, in marking his 50th birthday 🤩👏

This generous gesture allowed the Vella family to come together for the celebration at Mater Dei Hospital.
Josie celebrated his 50th birthday recently, but he and his wife Maruska have been primarily focused on being with their son, Jake, who is grappling with medical complications stemming from his ROHHAD condition. Despite these challenges, Jake has persevered by pursuing his education remotely and even taking up the guitar.
To ensure that Josie’s significant milestone did not pass unnoticed, an anonymous individual took the initiative to arrange a special celebration, enabling Jake’s father to enjoy this special occasion with family and a few close friends.
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