Jake And Lara & The Jukeboys Talk About Their First Single And Future Collabs

Jukeboys article

This week Jake sat down with local band Lara & The Jukeboys to talk about their newly released song and their future plans as a group!   Jake kickstarted the interview by asking them how they got together as a band. Lara replied that they’ve been singing together for about five years, even though their […]

Jake Paul Becomes Broke After Putting All His Money In Cryptocurrency

Jake Paul broke

  Jake Paul is reportedly broke – at least that’s what his older brother Logan just said!   This was after the crypto market took a huge hit in recent months and Bitcoin’s plummeting price dragged other digital currencies with it, further deepening the crypto crash.     Logan revealed this during a recent episode […]

Jake Gatt Wins 3 Medals In Special Olympics

  Jake Gatt, SportMalta’s Best Male Special Olympics Athlete, dominated the Special Olympics Games, winning two gold medals and one silver medal in three events.     Gatt’s first gold medal came in the 400m. He subsequently competed in the 800m, where he took the silver medal. Finally, he hit the relay and won another […]

Bee Talks About Realizing Her Passion For Music On Malta’s Top 10 With Jake

  This week Jake sat down with Bee to talk about her X Factor experience, her ambitions in her career and her inspirations!   Bee admitted that her love for music started at a young age, when she followed and became obsessed with the X Factor competition. In her teenage years, she dreamed of following […]

Jake Rounds Up The Final Malta’s Top 10 Of 2021

  This week, Jake rounded up the final of Malta’s Top 10 of the year by sitting down with different artists to discuss their current projects and future plans.   The artists featured were Maxine Pace, Destiny, Michela, Gaia Cauchi, Muxu and Steven Levi Vella!   Following the release of their collaboration called ‘Skin Deep’, […]

20 Nominees Have Been Ranked For Malta’s Top 10 – Best of 2021

  Calling all Maltese music lovers, it’s time to have your say as Malta’s Top 10 with Jake ramps up to count down the biggest, local songs of the year!     For one time and one time only, 89.7 Bay loses all of its power to let people decide which local artists they want […]