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Abortion Allowed With 3 Doctors’ Approval If At Risk

Proposed changes pertaining to abortion access in Malta have been unveiled.




During a recent press conference, Health Minister Chris Fearne announced the new proposals.

Fearne stated, “Today, we all acknowledge the importance of saving a woman’s life when it is at risk, and it is crucial that we enact legislation to address this.”

The forthcoming regulations will permit women facing severe health risks to access abortion in Malta, subject to certain conditions. These conditions include obtaining approval from three different doctors, consultants, or specialists.

Under the new regulations, approved hospitals in Malta, not limited to state hospitals like Mater Dei, will be authorized to provide abortion services.



The specific cutoff period for accessing abortion has yet to be finalized.

With a strong Catholic tradition and culture shaping the public discourse on abortion, Malta currently has the strictest abortion laws in Europe.

Presently, the laws governing abortion in Malta are outlined in articles 241(1) and 242, which prohibit individuals from seeking an abortion and impose penalties on both the person terminating the pregnancy and any assisting parties.



A conviction under these laws carries a prison sentence ranging from 18 months to three years.


If these proposed amendments are approved, they will alleviate uncertainties faced by doctors when it comes to performing life-saving abortions.