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9 Things We All Loved During Primary School

Loved Primary School


If anyone’s missing their best days in primary school – check out some things we all surely remember from that time!



Drinking fresh milk daily


No photo description available.


Eating fruit and vegetables weekly


No photo description available.


Going around with birthday cakes


Lancashire school bans birthday cakes | Primary schools | The Guardian


Studying on Id-Denfil


Denfil books,in excellent condition.SOME ARE FIRST EDITION | Maltapark


Saving up money for the Istrina piggy bank


L-Istrina BOV Piggy Bank Campaign Launched - Bank of Valletta - BOV Group


Playing passju during breaks


passju 2 | Cyncas's Blog


Playing with the rainbow parachute during P.E.


Playground parachute - Wikipedia


Trading cards with classmates


NATIONAL TRADING CARD DAY - February 24, 2024 - National Today


Writing to pen friends


How To Get Your Kid A Pen Pal


Which primary school memory was your favourite?