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5 Most Colourful Places To Visit Around The World

Colourful Places Visit World

  A different city for every colour!     If you’re looking for some aesthetic places to visit this year, check out these beautiful and colourful cities.   Check them out here:   Banwol Island, South Korea     Izamal, Mexico     Chefchaouen, Morocco     Vejer de la Frontera, Spain     Jaipur, […]

9 Things We All Loved During Primary School

Loved Primary School

  If anyone’s missing their best days in primary school – check out some things we all surely remember from that time!     Drinking fresh milk daily     Eating fruit and vegetables weekly     Going around with birthday cakes     Studying on Id-Denfil     Saving up money for the Istrina […]

Stray Cat Who Died Gets Sweet Statue As Tribute

Stray Cat Statue Tribute

  Rest in Peace Tombili!     Tombili, which translates to “Chubby” in Turkish, was a beloved stray cat in Istanbul that would sit like this every day and watch over the neighborhood.   In the spot where Tombili used to sit, a statue was built after his passing.  

This Is Officially Called The ‘World’s Loneliest House’

World Loneliest House

  Would you live in this house?     This house is on the island of Elliðaey to the south of the Icelandic mainland, and since the original photographs went viral, a lot of weird rumours have been made about it.   The cabin was constructed in 1953 as a lodge by a group of […]

7 Secret Islands In Europe You’ve Never Heard About

Secret Islands

  If you’ve started to book your summer holidays, here are 7 secret islands you should definitely consider visiting!     Check out the European islands here:   Elba, Italy     Belle Île, France     Kimolos, Greece     Losinj, Croatia     Sylt, Germany     Tavira Island, Portugal     Cies […]

The 5 Funniest Looking Animal Breeds That Exist

Funniest Animal Breeds

  We love all animals – but some of them are just too hilarious not to laugh at!     Check out the top 5 funniest looking animal breeds of all time:   Gloster Canary     Proboscis Monkey     Red-lipped Batfish     Saiga Antelope     Chinese Crested dogs    

Photos Of Comino’s New Hotel & Bungalows Posted

HV Hospitality, a subsidiary of Hili Ventures, will showcase its sustainable vision for the upcoming Comino Hotel and Bungalows at a public exhibition titled “Comino Hotel Reimagined” at Girolamo Cassar Hall in Valletta, Malta from April 22 to May 9. Lead architect Antonio Belvedere will present the team’s plans for a sustainable regeneration of the […]

Everyone With Blue Eyes Came From One Ancestor

All blue-eyed people in the world can trace their lineage back to one common ancestor who lived between 6,000 and 10,000 years ago, according to researchers from the University of Copenhagen. This ancestor carried a gene called HERC2, which is responsible for blue eyes as it shuts off the OCA2 gene that determines brown pigment […]

Beyoncé Named The Most Influential Person In 2023

The annual list, which recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to society and culture, has bestowed this prestigious title on Beyoncé in recognition of her profound impact on multiple fronts. Being named TIME Magazine’s Most Influential Person of 2023 is a fitting recognition of Beyoncé’s extraordinary contributions to society and culture.   Her unwavering […]

Man Pays €170K To Become 5 Inches Taller

short man surgery taller

  There’s still some hope for Jamie then 😅     A man from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who had been struggling with self-doubt over his 5ft5in height for years, has undergone “excruciatingly painful” leg surgery to add five inches to his stature.     Moses Gibson, 41, has been dealing with insecurities that severely affected his […]

New AI Website Can Find Every Photo Of You Online

  Artificial intelligence has both intrigued and frightened people with its capabilities 😲     A site called ‘PimEyes’ has been developed to help people find images of themselves that have been posted online. The website uses AI technology to search the internet for pictures that match the user’s face.   However, the website has […]

Funny New Location Names Appearing On Google Maps

google maps locations

  How is this happening? 👀     Local pranksters in Malta have caused a stir on social media after their latest Google Maps location pin, “Where our friend goes to have sex”, began circulating on local Facebook groups.     The lewd pin is just one of several in-jokes discovered by Facebook users, including […]

Woman Arrested For Posing Naked Next To A 700-Year-Old Tree

A Russian influencer named Luiza Kosykh has been arrested by Indonesian police for taking a nude photo leaning against a sacred tree near the Babakan Temple in Bayan Village, Bali.   Tedy Riyandi, the head of Denpasar Immigration Officer, confirmed the arrest in an Instagram post, stating that the arrest was made based on reports […]

Viral TikTok Makes Fun Of A Misspelled Stop Sign

A TikTok video posted by @begigga, has recently gone viral, garnering over 24,000 views and 1,500 likes, for poking fun at a spelling mistake on a road sign.   The sign in question was a stop sign, but instead of reading “STOP,” it had been spelled as “SOPT.”   The video shows a driver approaching […]