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9 Things We All Loved During Primary School

Loved Primary School

  If anyone’s missing their best days in primary school – check out some things we all surely remember from that time!     Drinking fresh milk daily     Eating fruit and vegetables weekly     Going around with birthday cakes     Studying on Id-Denfil     Saving up money for the Istrina […]

Local School Recreates Class Of 2023 TikTok Trend

The educators of San Benedittu Secondary School in Ħal Kirkop, Malta, received commendation for participating in a fun TikTok trend with the Class of 2023.   The video features three teachers approaching each other and sitting in front of students who form the number 23 with their bodies.   One of the teachers raises their […]

11-Year-Old Girl Making $132k Per Month Retiring To Focus On School

11 Girl Retiring School

  Pixie Curtis, 11, who earns up to $132,000 per month, is “semi-retiring” to concentrate on her studies.     After building a multi-million dollar empire Pixie’s Pix, an online store that sells a variety of accessories, the Australian schoolgirl has seen financial success.   Although the 11-year-old really took off during the pandemic, she […]

The ITS Open Day Is Coming 24th March

  The ITS Open Day is here!   The Institute of Tourism Studies is excited to invite everyone to their upcoming Open Doors event on March 24th, 2023 from 6 PM to 10 PM. This event offers a unique opportunity to discover the numerous programmes and activities that the Institute of Tourism Studies has to […]