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Saddest House Ever On Sale For £6.5M After Years Of Bad Luck

  What’s now called the ‘saddest house ever’ has recently been listed for sale for £6,500,000.     The property, located by the coast of Devon, UK is actually split in two and both houses are available for purchase.     With 8 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, 6 reception rooms, a massive swimming pool and a […]

Zoo Puts People In Cages While Animals Roam Free

Zoo Cages Animals

  What are your thoughts on this?     At the Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo in Chongqing, China, the animals are free to wander around the zoo while people are caged.   During an interview, the zoo stated that visitors can experience the thrill of  being stalked and attacked by wild animals without any danger or risks. […]

Woman With 2 Vaginas Uses One For OnlyFans

Woman Vaginas OnlyFans

  Evelyn Miller from Australia was born with two vaginas, two wombs, two uteruses and one ovary on each set.   Her condition called Uterus Didelphys, has helped her in finding major success with a career on OnlyFans. She films with her husband Tom and has strict rules about which vagina she uses.     […]

The Most Beautiful Libraries Around The World

Most Beautiful Libraries World

  Who would you visit these libraries with?     Check out some of the best and most famous libraries worldwide:   Marienplatz Library, Munich, Germany     Libreria Acqua Alta, Venice, Italy     Tianjin Binhai Library, China     Starfield Library, Seoul, South Korea     Real Gabinete Português de Leitura, Rio de […]

Grandma, Mum And Daughter Often Mistaken For Sisters

Grandma Daughter Sisters

  65-year-old bodybuilder Lesley Maxwell, her daughter Vanessa Christofi and her granddaughter Tia Christofi who’s 22 years old are often mistaken as sisters.     It’s not just their facial features that make them look alike, but even their fashion sense.   This iconic trio even share their own wardrobes with each other.     […]

Microchip Can Make Phone Battery Last For 1 Month

  A much needed invention 🪫     Cambridge University is making strides in microchip technology, aiming to transform our phone charging habits to a monthly event.   The core idea revolves around designing a silicon chip processor that demands incredibly low energy for its operation and is purportedly more than 100 times smaller than […]

11 Y/O Saves Chocking Student & Woman From Fire

  That’s a lot to do for an 11-year-old💪     On that same day, an 11-year-old boy from Oklahoma showcased extraordinary courage by rescuing both a choking classmate and a woman trapped in a burning building.   Davyon Johnson demonstrated swift thinking and performed the Heimlich manoeuvre to save a fellow classmate who was […]

Employees Spend One Day Per Week Drafting Emails

No, this email does not find me well😫     A recent study has found that the average worker spends approximately eight hours and 42 minutes per week writing emails.   Conducted by Slack, this survey encompassed the opinions of more than 8,000 UK participants. Among the study’s various discoveries, it was revealed that, on […]

8 Weird Superstitions People Actually Believe

  Keep note of these to stay safe📝     Apart from other common superstitions, like black cats being bearers of bad luck or Friday 13th being an unlucky day, there several other weird superstitions people worldwide believe and avoid:   Jumping over a child curses them to be short forever Placing two mirrors opposite […]

Blind Dog Has His Own Seeing-Eye Dog

  Talk about the pawfect duo🐶     Willie and Carson are an adorable doggie due that are melting hearts🥰   Apart from being best friends, Carson has an important job. When Willie was 6 weeks old, he was taken to a shelter with a severe eye infection which left him unable to see. Willie […]

Netflix Opening Immersive Venues Inspired By TV Shows

  Ready to take a trip to the Upside-Down?👀     Netflix is set to open physical retail spots where fans can purchase merchandise, enjoy themed food, and take part in immersive experiences such as navigating a Squid Game obstacle course or venturing into the realm of the Upside-Down!   Expected to make their debut […]

Dua Lipa Kicks Off New Music Era With Red Hair

  Dua Lipa knows how to get the hype going🔥     And she’s looking good doing it!😍   After deleting all of her Instagram posts in preparation for her new album, Dua Lipa posted a photo debuting her new red hair and fans went wild!     View this post on Instagram   A […]