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8 Weird Superstitions People Actually Believe


Keep note of these to stay safe📝



Apart from other common superstitions, like black cats being bearers of bad luck or Friday 13th being an unlucky day, there several other weird superstitions people worldwide believe and avoid:


  • Jumping over a child curses them to be short forever
  • Placing two mirrors opposite each other can open a doorway for the devil
  • Wearing red during a storm can attract thunder
  • Cutting your nails at night can cause premature death
  • Putting your purse or wallet on the ground means you’ll become penniless
  • Cheersing with water means you’re wishing death to the people you’re drinking with
  • An itch on your left wrist will lead to financial struggles
  • Knitting outside can prolong winter


Do you believe any of these?