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Jada Reveals Her & Will Have Been Separated For 7 Years

Jada Pinkett Smith spilled the tea during an interview leading up to the launch of her upcoming book, “Worthy”, hitting shelves next week. In the wake of the infamous Oscar slap incident, Jada disclosed that she and Will had been living separate lives for the span of six years. When discussing their current relationship, Jada […]

16-Year-Olds Could soon Become Mayors In Malta

Maltese government has put forth a bill aimed at amending existing legislation to grant 16 and 17-year-old local councilors the opportunity to hold the positions of mayors or deputy mayors.   Presently, these young councillors can participate in council elections both as voters and candidates but are ineligible to serve in these roles, even if […]

85 Year Old Woman Cycles For Cancer Awareness

Meet Mavis Paterson who embarked on a journey around the breathtaking landscapes of Scotland, covering over 1,000 miles in the process, on her 85th birthday for cancer awareness. Her journey was about more than just miles; it was a heartfelt tribute to her three beloved adult children, lost within four short years.  Mavis kicked off […]

Restaurant Charges ‘Vomit Fee’ For Drunk People

Diners at a California restaurant who enjoy a few too many drinks will find themselves facing more than just a hangover, as the establishment has implemented a ‘vomit fee.’   One particular eatery offering patrons the chance to savor a late-morning buzz is Kitchen Story, located in Oakland, California. They have observed that while many […]

Jason Momoa Showed Up Dressed As Johnny Depp On Set Of Aquaman 2

A recent exposé published by Variety has shone a light on alleged conflicts between actors Amber Heard and Jason Momoa during the production of “Aquaman 2.”     Variety’s report, which references notes from Amber Heard’s therapist appointments, suggests that Jason Momoa, best known for his role in “Game of Thrones,” may have been intoxicated […]

Lindsay Lohan Spotted Filming Mean Girls Ad In LA

Regina George can’t sit with them 🤪🩷   Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried, and Lacey Chabert, the iconic trio from the high school comedy classic Mean Girls, recently had a reunion in Los Angeles that has fans buzzing with excitement. What makes this even more thrilling is that it appears we’ll get to see the beloved […]

Turtles Nadia & Maria Sent Back To Sea After Rehab

From hooked to healing 🐢💪   Two juvenile turtles, Nadia and Maria, have been returned to their natural habitat after undergoing nearly two months of rehabilitation at the Wildlife Rehab Centre project.   The Wildlife Rehab Centre Project, supported by the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) and managed by Nature Trust Malta (NTM), focuses on […]