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16-Year-Olds Could soon Become Mayors In Malta

Maltese government has put forth a bill aimed at amending existing legislation to grant 16 and 17-year-old local councilors the opportunity to hold the positions of mayors or deputy mayors.


Presently, these young councillors can participate in council elections both as voters and candidates but are ineligible to serve in these roles, even if they secure the highest number of votes. Pending approval, this bill would enable council members under the age of 18 who secure the highest vote count within the majority party to assume these responsibilities.

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Furthermore, it permits underage mayors to sign legal documents on behalf of the council and introduces joint responsibility between the mayor and executive secretary in legal matters. Malta’s upcoming local council elections are scheduled for June 2024. This groundbreaking move positions Malta as the first EU country to empower 16-year-olds to hold mayoral positions.


This initiative aligns with the electoral promise of the PL and is integral to the government’s ‘National Strategic Vision for Local Governments’ document, as published previously. Minister Owen Bonnici underscored the significance of these adjustments, emphasizing their historic impact in fostering youth empowerment within society.

Parliamentary Secretary Zerafa Civelli has also unveiled plans for mentorship programs to ensure young councilors are well-versed in their roles and responsibilities.