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Shaun Farrugia Working In Studio With The Script

Calling all The Script fans!

Shaun Farrugia recently shared a series of updates on social media, including a swipe post featuring a brief, silent video of him inside a recording studio alongside the renowned Irish rock band ‘The Script.’

The Maltese singer and songwriter captioned the post, ‘From sharing smiles, collaborating with incredible talent, hitting the gym, to even kicking a football.’

In the video, Shaun can be observed in the studio, exuding positive vibes as he interacts with the lead singer, Danny O’Donoghue, while another band member focuses on playing the piano.

Naturally, Shaun didn’t disclose the nature of their collaboration, leaving us eagerly anticipating what lies ahead in his musical journey.

Shaun has had the privilege of collaborating with various international artists, starting with Martin Garrix and subsequently securing a contract with a prominent label boasting some of the industry’s most illustrious names.