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Falling In Love Increases The Chances Of Getting Fat

Love Increases Fat

  It’s not weight gain… it’s love!   A study found that couples weigh more than single people, despite leading healthier lifestyles and consuming more fruits and vegetables.   The study was led by Stephanie Schoeppe from Central Queensland University who found out that this may be because people in a couple are no longer […]

Housewife Says Being ‘Fabulous’ Is Her Day Job

Housewife Fabulous Job

  A Dubai housewife who shares her life on social media claims being ‘fabulous’ is her full time job.     Pernille show herself enjoying her luscious life, aboard boats and lapping up the culture in Paris on her social media.   She also includes a few images of herself shopping in expensive shops like […]

WATCH: This Blue Grotto In Italy Has The Scariest Entrance

Blue Grotto Italy Entrance

  The Blue Grotto is found in the island of Capri in Italy.     It is a cave located just off the coast from Capri. This spot is well-known with locals and a must-visit for tourists as one of the most famous natural attractions in Southern Italy for its enchanting bright blue waters.   […]

Things That Happen During Every Festa Marċ

Things Festa Marċ

  It’s festa season and I’m sure you’ve all attended or at least heard about the iconic marċ.     So if you’re planning on attending one for the first time – here are some things to expect from a Maltese festa marċ.     Getting covered with beer Ending up with a heat stroke […]

Men Are More Sensitive To Stress Than Women

Study finds a contrast to stereotypical gender belief.. Gender-differentiated stress responses have come under scrutiny in recent research, suggesting that men may bear the brunt of its impact.   This novel study has far-reaching implications, potentially tailoring therapeutic approaches for conditions like depression and obesity. In this investigation, scientists at the Weizmann Institute and the […]

Top 5 Netflix Shows Most Recommended By Experts

    Among the hundreds of Netflix series, five shows stand out as some of the best of all time, consistently recommended by expert websites.   From supernatural mysteries to thought-provoking animations and gripping dramas, these series have left an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape.     “Stranger Things” (2016 – ) Set in […]

Study Finds Dog Owners Had Less Stress During Pandemic

Among the 3,000 dog and cat owners polled, dog owners reported less stress and loneliness than cat owners and those without pets during the reopening and recovery periods of the COVID-19 pandemic.           The study also discovered that cat owners experienced more stress and loneliness than other participants.       […]

17 Loggerhead Turtles Successfully Hatched In Ġnejna

17 adorable loggerhead turtles have successfully emerged from their nesting haven at Ġnejna, a remarkable feat as only one out of 18 fertilized eggs remained unhatched. Just two days after the first hatchlings emerged, a veterinarian inspected the nest, uncovering a total of 48 eggs, with 30 unfortunately being unfertilised. In a heartwarming continuation of […]

Selena Gomez To Release New Music After 2 Years

Selena Gomez is making a come-back! After 2 years, Selena Gomez is about to bless our playlists with her latest track “Single Soon” releasing Friday 25th August. The singer posted the news on her Instagram “Y’all have been asking for new music for a while. Since I’m not quite done with SG3, I wanted to […]