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17 Loggerhead Turtles Successfully Hatched In Ġnejna

17 adorable loggerhead turtles have successfully emerged from their nesting haven at Ġnejna, a remarkable feat as only one out of 18 fertilized eggs remained unhatched.

Just two days after the first hatchlings emerged, a veterinarian inspected the nest, uncovering a total of 48 eggs, with 30 unfortunately being unfertilised.

In a heartwarming continuation of nature’s wonder, this marks the second turtle nesting site to grace us this season, following closely on the heels of the recent hatching at Ramla l-Ħamra, Gozo, both unfolding within a matter of days.

These secret nesting grounds were brought to light by vigilant volunteers from Nature Trust Malta (NTM-FEE), who stumbled upon the mesmerizing turtle tracks during their early morning beach patrols. To safeguard these precious nests, the Environment and Resources Authority (ERA) promptly issued emergency conservation directives, temporarily curbing certain activities in these vital areas.

A warm shoutout goes to NTM-FEE and the dedicated volunteers for their unwavering commitment to the preservation of our cherished protected species in the picturesque landscapes of Malta and Gozo.