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Fan Reselling Beyoncé’s Sunglasses For $20,000

Fan’s Beyoncé concert experience goes beyond imagination



While the majority of individuals would perceive attending a live Beyoncé concert as an unforgettable evening, for one fan, it transcended mere memory-making and became a truly transformative experience.


In addition to witnessing his beloved artist’s captivating performance in person, this concert attendee achieved the remarkable feat of procuring not just one, but two pairs of sunglasses belonging to the illustrious ‘Alien Superstar’ songstress.


Now, the 20-year-old enthusiast, popularly known as Global Valentino on TikTok, intends to sell one of the pairs for a staggering $20,000. However, not all members of the devoted Beyhive community are in favour of this decision.


The fortunate fan’s serendipitous catch occurred during Beyoncé’s momentous London show on May 30th, where he managed to seize the Off-White sunglasses worn by the iconic ‘Halo’ songstress herself.


The moment was captured and immortalized in a viral video, amassing over 1.5 million views on TikTok.