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Ancient 6 Inch Stone Penis Found In Recent Excavation

Archeologists found an ancient ‘Rock Hard’ surprise!



In a recent dig at the Meira tower in Ría de Vigo, Galicia, archaeologists made an unexpected find—a well-preserved ancient stone phallus measuring six inches in length. The primary goal of the excavation was to uncover the purpose of a large structure situated in the courtyard of the tower.


Upon analysis, the archaeologists hypothesise that the enigmatic artefact served as a sharpening stone, potentially utilized for honing weapons. According to a spokesperson, the phallus held significant religious and magical significance, as it appeared in various forms such as lamps, masks, pendants, rings, and even on the walls of buildings, streets, corners, balconies, doors, baths, and walls. It was revered as a collective guardian against potential dangers and malevolent forces.