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Green Haribo Is Actually Strawberry Flavoured

Haribo gummy bear fans are baffled after discovering the true flavor of the green bear, thanks to a recently resurfaced post on Reddit.


While many assumed the green bear was flavored like green apple, lime, or watermelon, it turns out that in most places, the green Goldbear is actually strawberry flavored. This revelation has left social media buzzing with surprise and confusion, with one fan tweeting, “20 years of living and it’s only now that I figured out that the green Haribo gummy bear is actually strawberry flavored.”


The post has gained attention, and Haribo has been contacted for comment on the matter. Interestingly, fans also discovered that Haribo was named after its founder, Hans Riegel, who combined the first two letters of his first name, last name, and birth city, Bonn, Germany.