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Bad Bunny’s Ex Suing Him For Using Her Voice In Songs

bad bunny sued


Looks like Bad Bunny’s been very bad 😯



Bad Bunny, the popular pop superstar, is facing a $40m lawsuit from his ex-girlfriend, who alleges that he used a recording of her without her permission in two of his songs.


El “Bad Bunny baby” es ahora una demanda de parte de exnovia de Benito  Martínez – NotiCel – La verdad como es – Noticias de Puerto Rico – NOTICEL


Carliz De La Cruz Hernández claims that she recorded the phrase “Bad Bunny baby” on her phone in 2015, prior to his rise to fame and before they broke up. The phrase was later used in Bad Bunny’s 2017 single Pa Ti and 2022 track Dos Mil 16. Bad Bunny, whose music has been streamed more than any other artist on Spotify in the past three years, has yet to respond to the legal action, which was filed earlier this month in Puerto Rico.



Ms De La Cruz’s lawyers allege that Bad Bunny’s representatives offered her $2,000 for the rights to the phrase, but she declined. Ms De La Cruz contends that the use of her recording in the songs and at concerts violates her privacy, dignity, and moral rights, and constitutes gross negligence and bad faith.