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Żebbuġ Is The First Town To Install Public Bike Repair Kits

The Żebbuġ local council has taken the lead in promoting cycling by being the first to establish a bicycle repair kit in its village square.


This move has already been well received by other councils. The council made a Facebook post on Wednesday, announcing the installation of the kit in Triq Sciortino, complete with various repair tools and a free-to-use air pump available at any time. Additionally, several bicycle and e-scooter racks have been installed for parking.


Żebbuġ councillor Steve Zammit Lupi, an avid cyclist himself, stated that this is the first bicycle repair kit to be installed in a village square in Malta. He added that the council is proactive in promoting mobility and cycling and hopes that the central and visible location of the kit will encourage curious passers-by to learn more about it.