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You Can Win €1500 In This Country’s Sleeping Contest

Win Country Sleeping Contest


The National Siesta Championships happen every year in Spain and people compete with each other for a cash prize.



The Spanish are famous for their beloved naps, and this competition is perfect for all the nap lovers out there. This competition started being held in hopes of increasing the popularity of siestas.


It lasts two weeks and is held at a mall outside Madrid. For the competition, 5 people nap at a time for 20 minutes on sofas set up in a little square booth in the middle of the mall. The competitors are also connected to a gadget that measures heart rate so they know for sure that the person is asleep and not faking it.


Ready, set, snore! Spain holds siesta contest - The San Diego Union-Tribune

A judge monitors snoring, drooling or weird sleeping positions and extra points are given to people who shop up with iconic sleep-wear.


After the points are calculated, the person who slept the longest with the most points wins.