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Vaping Lowers Men’s Sperm Count & Shrinks Testicles

Vaping Men Sperm Count Testicles

  According to a recent scientific study conducted in Turkey, vaping may cause testicles to shrink and sperm counts to drop.     “It should be considered that although [e-cigarette] liquid has been introduced as harmless in smoking cessation studies, it could increase oxidative stress and cause morphological changes in the testicle.”   Three groups […]

Grandma Hosts Parties For Kids Who Have No Friends

Grandma Parties Kids Friends

  We need more people like her!     A grandma called Ronie Williams decided to host a community party for children who struggle with making friends.   Ronie’s grandson Jacob who is on the autism spectrum, served as her source of inspiration for these parties.     She observed that children with special needs, or as she prefers to refer to them, “unique children,” frequently had trouble inviting people to their celebrations or even getting invites themselves.  

Heart-Shaped Forest In Thailand Caught By Satellite

Heart Forest Thailand Satellite

  The SPOT 6 satellite captured this heart-shaped forest in Chiang Rai, Thailand.     The satellite is 694 kilometres above the Earth and orbits in synchronicity with the Sun.     The forest is located in Phaya Meng Rai district and serves as a “green heart”, providing clean air for the Santitham village.  

21 Y/O Peanut Wins World Record As Oldest Chicken

21 Peanut World Record Oldest Chicken

  The oldest living chicken in the world called Peanut has secured the record.     Peanut from Michigan, USA was discovered by Marsi after she departed from her mother. Marsi, who assumed it had already died and picked it up to put into her pond heard it cheep and they connected right away.   […]

Waitress Recieves Savage Note From An Angry Wife

Waitress Savage Note Wife

  This woman’s tip was a feisty piece of advice.     A waitress received a nasty note from one of her customers that recently went viral. On the bill, the customer angrily wrote “don’t call my husband sweetheart.”   This note sparked some debate on social media and many sided with the waitress.   […]

You Can See 4 Different Coloured Beaches In Hawaii

4 Colour Beaches Hawaii

  In Hawaii, there are lots of unique and colourful beaches.     Hawaii’s distinct minerals and geological features have significantly influenced the make-up of several of its beaches.   Here are a few of Hawaii’s most colourful beaches:   Black Sand in Punalu’u Beach     White Sand in Hāpuna Beach     Red […]

All The Localities Celebrating Victory Day Today

Localities Victory Day

  Victory Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of September honouring the three biggest victories in Malta’s history: The Great Siege in 1565, The Siege of Valletta in 1800 and The Second World War in 1943.     This feast is celebrated locally in multiple locations around Malta & Gozo. Check out the […]

Things You Should Do This Month Before Summer Ends

Things Month Summer

How is it September already?     Now that summer is almost over and we’re starting to wish we had just a little more time to enjoy the sunniest months of the year, here’s a bucket list of things you should do this month.   Check out how you can make the most of these […]

You Can Win €1500 In This Country’s Sleeping Contest

Win Country Sleeping Contest

  The National Siesta Championships happen every year in Spain and people compete with each other for a cash prize.     The Spanish are famous for their beloved naps, and this competition is perfect for all the nap lovers out there. This competition started being held in hopes of increasing the popularity of siestas. […]

Millionaire Is Willing To Pay Someone To Travel With Him

Millionaire Pay Travel

  This is your sign to quit your day job and become this millionaire’s assistant.     Matthew Lepre, an Australian entrepreneur, is willing to pay someone to be his personal assistant and travel the world with him.   Due to his business, Lepre spends his time travelling around the world, and as a result […]

Woman Turns Backyard Into Greece To Pay Her Mortgage

Woman Backyard Greece Mortgage

  This woman brought one of the most beautiful countries in the world to her backyard to help pay her mortgage.     Villa Blanco is located in Los Angeles and resembles Greek architecture, giving you the full Greek experience.     The owner rents this place out for photo shoots, video shoots or other […]

The EuroPride 2023 Starts Tonight At MFCC

Join the Official EuroPride Valletta 2023 opening event tonight! The Opening Ceremony will take place at MFCC, Ta’ Qali, where a stellar lineup of local artists will collaborate to deliver a unique and unforgettable performance encompassing music, dance, and audio-visual productions. This official opening event, hosted by the charismatic trio of Ray Calleja, Ron Briffa, […]

Ronaldo Excluded From Ballon d’Or After 20 Years

Football enthusiasts of the 2023 Ballon d’Or nominations may have noticed a significant absence   Renowned Portuguese football icon Cristiano Ronaldo was notably absent from the prestigious list, marking the first time in two decades that he hasn’t been included. Despite featuring some of today’s most celebrated players, including his long-time rival Lionel Messi, Ronaldo […]

Kourtney Almost Loses Her Baby Before Urgent Surgery

Kourtney Kardashian expressed her gratitude to the doctors who saved her and Travis Barker’s baby.   Kourtney Kardashian, who is currently expecting her first child with her new husband, Travis Barker, the drummer of Blink-182, shared on Wednesday that she is in the process of recovering from emergency fetal surgery. Given the timing of her […]

Generous 5 Year Old Donates Birthday Money To Puttinu

What wholesome gesture 🥹   Young Jamie Zarb, who recently celebrated his fifth birthday, chose a unique way to mark his special day by generously donating €250 to Puttinu Cares. Instead of receiving toys and gifts, Jamie decided to earn this amount and selflessly contributed it to assist other children like himself who are unfortunately […]